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LG Health Parkesburg - Mammogram Screening

The COVID-19 vaccines can cause swollen lymph nodes after the vaccine is administered. This is temporary. However, the enlarged lymph nodes can show up in a screening mammogram leading to a false positive finding. We recommend you schedule your screening mammogram either before receiving your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or 4 weeks after your second (final) dose.

If you're under 40; have breast implants; noticed changes/problems with your breast (or surrounding tissue/underarm); or it is less than 1 year since your last screening mammogram, please call 717-544-5941 for more information.

*Insurance plans vary. Please check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage limitations, pre-authorizations or referrals that may be required prior to your visit. Some insurances also require you to see only your designated primary care physician in order for services to be paid.

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