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We are committed to providing you anesthesia that is safe and will allow your surgery to have the best outcomes possible. To help ensure this, we provide each patient with comprehensive instructions on what they must do before and after their surgery.

Pre-Anesthesia Instructions

Eating and Drinking.

Patients having intravenous anesthesia must have an empty stomach. Those with procedures in the morning should not eat or drink anything from midnight until their procedure. Patients with procedures in the afternoon should not have anything to eat or drink for 8 hours prior to their procedure. They may drink clear liquids like apple juice or water but no milk up to 4 hours before their procedure.

Change in Health.

Changes in health, especially the development of a cold or fever with congestion of the nose and/or chest, may compromise your airway and breathing or cause coughing. If his occurs, please notify us since it may be necessary to reschedule your procedure.

Street Drugs. 

The use of any street drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc. is absolutely forbidden before and after anesthesia. There have been occasions of potentially deadly complications when these drugs interact with anesthetic agents.

Day of Surgery Instructions


Follow your doctor's instructions regarding any prescription medications or over the counter drugs and or supplements that you are taking. Generally, patients are instructed to continue taking blood pressure and heart medications.

Post-Anesthesia Instructions


You may resume the medications you were taking before you were given anesthesia as directed by your physician.

Nausea and Vomiting.

Avoid solid fluids until you can tolerate them. Until that time water and clear broth may help.


Depending upon your surgical procedure, medication to relieve postoperative pain will be prescribed for you while you are recovering from surgery and prior to you leaving our medical facility. This medication will provide comfort as you recuperate at home.

Eating and Drinking. 

Instructions for this will vary depending upon the type of surgery you had and if you are experiencing nausea and/or vomiting.


Depending upon the type of anesthesia and surgery you had, follow your physician's instructions.

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