Patients having cancer treatment may have problems with everyday activities. These problems may come and go between treatments. As treatment continues, problems may stay and get worse.

Common problems include:

  • Balance
  • Tiredness (fatigue)
  • Moving around
  • Doing their own self-care

When should I ask for help for my loved one?

Ideally, earlier is better. As soon as you get concerned that your loved one may fall or injure themselves because of weakness or confusion—it's time to ask for help. Ask the care team about a Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy evaluation.

How can physical and occupational therapists help?

Therapists can help find out why your loved one has various problems. They may offer a treatment plan to help with:

  • Tiredness: We offer insight into ways your loved one can save energy. This includes learning how to use devices (reacher or sock donner) to promote independence or creating a home exercise program. Exercise can greatly help with tiredness.
  • Balance: Our team can assess if your loved one needs devices such as a cane or walker to improve balance. They will look for any factors that may cause the imbalance such as numbness, pain, weakness, vision problems, etc. The team can give you advice about in-home safety, how to prevent your loved one from falling and help create an exercise program.
  • Moving around: This includes training to help you move your loved one safely and to assess your loved one for devices to help them move around.

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