Your loved one may be thinking about joining a clinical trial as a treatment option.

People join clinical trials for many reasons, including:

  • To get the newest treatment
  • To grow the understanding of cancer
  • To help others with cancer
  • To find better treatments for others in the future

The first step is to speak with your loved one’s provider or a member of their care team. The care team may know about a trial that may be a good option. In addition, they can search for a clinical trial, give more information and answer any questions.

Here at the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute, we have an oncology research department. This team will help the provider in searching for a clinical trial, both here and elsewhere. If one is found, this team can help with enrolling. Remember, there is not always a clinical trial for every patient.

Things you will need to know when looking for a clinical trial for your loved one:

  • Diagnosis and Stage of Cancer
  • Treatments they received
  • Medical History

If you have further questions after speaking with the provider, please feel free to call the oncology research department at the Ann. B. Barshinger Cancer Institute at 717-544-0511.

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