From the moment of diagnosis through treatment and beyond, we provide support, education, and tools to empower patients and families on their cancer journeys. Our team is here to help you address the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges you may face.

Cancer survivorship is most often defined as the process of living with, through, and beyond cancer. You are a survivor from the time of your cancer diagnosis through the rest of your life.

Survivorship: Building a New Life

More people are surviving cancer more than ever before. As a result, planning for life after cancer is an important part of the journey. When a cancer patient completes active treatment, it can be frightening to suddenly face everyday life without the reassurance and surveillance of the oncology care team on whom they have come to rely. Our survivorship program is designed to address these concerns and provide education and support to patients during their recovery from treatment.

Treatment Summary and Care Plan

Survivorship counseling begins with a review of your cancer diagnosis and treatment, to answer any questions and help you process what you’ve gone through. Next we look ahead at what you may experience over the coming weeks and months, from physical symptoms to follow-up screenings, and we address any psychosocial concerns such as family or relationship stress, returning to work, and financial issues. We are also able to refer you to resources within Lancaster General Health and in the community, to help during this period of transition and healing. All of this information is put into a detailed document that is sent to your healthcare provider team and primary care provider, and kept in your medical record.


Additional information about living beyond cancer can be found on OncoLink, a web-based cancer resource available through Penn Medicine. The site outlines long-term survivorship and follow-up care needs.

Survivorship and Supportive Services at the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute are founded and supported by The United Auxiliaries to Lancaster General Hospital.

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