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A message from Lora Regan, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Medical Director, Corporate Health

After more than a year of dealing with rigorous safety precautions in an effort to keep your workforce healthy during a pandemic, it comes as no surprise that many are challenged to refocus on wellness, improved health and productivity. Penn Medicine HealthWorks continues to be a resource and a partner in this journey – for you and for your employees.

Recognizing that our world looks different today than it did just over a year ago, the importance of mental health self-care is more critical now than ever. To balance the stress and anxiety as the weather warms, consider an outdoor hike, kayaking, swimming, or taking up tennis. For those less adventurous, feel free to discover relaxation in virtual yoga, listening to classical music, scrapbooking or reading. The key is to find something that you enjoy and can do safely without jeopardizing yourself or others. 

As cases and hospitalizations continue to be a concern, it is important to realize that the risk of COVID-19 has not gone away. With numerous variants now present, it appears there is no sign of an imminent slow-down. But there is hope. With vaccines readily available and an aggressive state-level rollout plan, we anticipate that risk of infection will substantially decrease as more and more individuals are vaccinated.

The PA Department of Health implemented new COVID-19 vaccine guidelines. All individuals 16 and older are now able to schedule a vaccine appointment. We encourage business owners to share information with their employees on how to obtain a vaccine. Signup may occur now at or by calling 717-588-1020. If offered the vaccine elsewhere, individuals are encouraged to obtain it at their first opportunity.

In the interim, business owners should remain attentive to safety precautions in the workplace. Limit the number of people dining in breakrooms, avoid in-person meetings when possible, and limit unnecessary work-related travel. And don’t fall prey to the urge to lessen the importance of mask-wearing and social distancing as data shows their value in limiting the spread of the virus. Even after receiving the vaccination, it is recommended that these safety protocols remain in place. Each one of us play an important role in working to combat this virus.

As we look toward the future with optimism, it remains vital to emphasize vigilance among your workforce. If you have questions on how to keep your business compliant and your employees safe, healthy and on-the-job, email Nicole Myers, Manager, Department of Occupational Medicine.

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