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Lack of connection is one of the most pervasive challenges during this pandemic. One simple solution to fostering connection is to create opportunities for expressions of gratitude. As 2020 drew to a close and a new year offered a fresh start, the following idea gained support and engagement at Lancaster General Health.

“Joy Drop” gratitude kits were delivered to 2,000 clinical workers in an effort to combat burnout, mental fatigue, and stress felt by heavily impacted teams. Small tokens such as lifesavers, herbal teas, and healthy treats were packaged and shared as an unexpected gift to show how much the tireless efforts of these front-line staff were appreciated.

“Assembling and delivering the kits by the Wellness team made for a fun team-building activity and offered an alternative to normal holiday celebrations which had been canceled by the pandemic,” said Brynn Kline, Manager Corporate Health. The team worked in shifts for seven hours, assembling bags and packaging cartons for delivery throughout the health system.

complete assembly kit of care
Acts of Gratitute assembly line of care

The teams that received the kits were so thankful for the gesture, coming at a time when burnout is widespread and mental wellness is a top priority. Mike Killinger, Director Nursing, shared the importance of being present, listening and supporting these teams in any way possible.

“I get a tremendous amount of joy from standing beside them and removing barriers where I can,” said Mike. “They’re appreciative for the outpouring of support and recognize that it takes a village to succeed. What a great show of thanks for their positive attitudes, their resilience and ability to take things one day at a time while focusing on providing the best care to our patients.”

Gratitude is a powerful tool to reduce anxiety and increase wellness. Need suggestions on how to foster wellness and engage your workforce in the new year? Email Brynn Kline, Manager Corporate Health.