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Sometimes you may not have difficulty getting pregnant, but do have issues staying pregnant. The good news is that even after three miscarriages, a woman has a 60 to 80 percent chance of conceiving and carrying a full-term pregnancy. Our expert fertility specialists can help.

When a woman has two or more clinical pregnancy losses (miscarriages) before the pregnancies reach 20 weeks, this is known as recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). There are a variety of reasons why a woman or couple may experience RPL:

  • Abnormal chromosomes or genetic abnormalities in the embryo or fetus (oftentimes related to eggs getting older)
  • Anatomic issues with the uterus (abnormal shape, septum, fibroids)
  • Undiagnosed/untreated medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism
  • Reasons that cannot be explained

Our team will conduct a thorough history and evaluation of both partners. If a cause for RPL is discovered, there are several steps we can take to either correct the underlying issue or minimize the risk of a future miscarriage.

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