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If you are struggling with your weight and looking for an alternative to weight-loss surgery, Healthy Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery offers a non-surgical, medically managed weight-loss program to help you reach your healthy weight goals.

Led by physicians who specialize in the medical management of weight loss, this program addresses the medical, social and behavioral factors of obesity and provides the educational component necessary for long-term success.

We focus on minimizing health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure that can be affected by weight. Designed for overweight or obese adults ages 18 to 70, this program provides a non-surgical option for individuals who want to lose weight to regain health and improve their quality of life.

We also provide individualized counseling for any patient having difficulty with weight issues, including patients experiencing weight regain after bariatric surgery.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options

We offer two non-surgical weight management programs. Patients often evaluate both our non-surgical and surgical options, depending on their needs and physician recommendations.

  • One-on-one Consultation: This options includes individual consultations with a physician or certified nurse practitioner. Office visits may include nutrition education and other services such as exercise oversight, as needed. This program typically lasts for several months but varies by patient. 
  • Medically Managed Low-Calorie Diet (LCD) or Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) Meal-Replacement Program: This program uses meal replacement products from New Direction® Weight Control System to reduce caloric intake while patients learn healthy habits and long-term weight maintenance strategies. The program includes individual consultation with a doctor or nurse practitioner and mandatory weekly classes on nutrition, behavior modification, and active lifestyle improvements. This program is typically offered three times a year and runs for 14 weeks. If you are interested in the meal-replacement program, we ask that you watch this online seminar video to learn more. 

Online Seminar Video

We invite you to watch our online seminar video about our non-surgical weight loss options. After you watch the seminar, we invite you to call us at 717-544-2935 to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs. 

If you are interesting in learning more about bariatric surgery, you can view a seminar on this topic here

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