Our comprehensive program helps patients with cardiac and vascular conditions recover faster, become stronger, and return to an independent, productive lifestyle.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our cardiac rehabilitation team is committed to helping you return to the healthiest and most active lifestyle possible. Our skilled and compassionate nurses, exercise physiologists, and staff work with you to develop a tailored exercise program, and provide important educational and emotional support to help you make healthy lifestyle choices.

Our program is part of the Heart & Vascular Institute and certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Cardiac rehabilitation is available at our Suburban Pavilion, Norlanco and Willow Lakes outpatient facilities. 

Do You Need Cardiac Rehabilitation?

If you have experienced or been evaluated for heart attack, coronary bypass or heart valve surgery, angioplasty, stent, angina, heart transplant, systolic heart failure, or left ventricular assist device, you may benefit from cardiac rehabilitation.

What to Expect

After an initial meeting with one of our registered nurses, you’ll begin your exercise visits, which also include education on heart disease, reducing your risk, healthy eating, and exercise.

Your exercise physiologist will develop a personal exercise plan for you and take you through workouts in our on-site rehab gym, which is fully equipped with treadmills, seated steppers, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, rowing machines, free weights, and machine weights. We’ll also help you develop a home exercise program.

During each exercise session, you will be monitored with a telemetry unit that records your EKG rhythm and heart rate and allows the nurses and exercise physiologists to watch for any abnormalities.

Watch a video on the importance of exercise by exercise physiologist D.C. Clark:


Vascular Rehabilitation 

Vascular rehabilitation  is a customized, medically supervised program led by exercise physiologists for vascular patients. It focuses on achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through education, exercise and support. Our program is designed for patients who have difficulty walking because of circulatory problems in their legs causing peripheral artery disease (PAD). Symptoms of PAD include pain, cramping and burning in the legs, as well as limping and feeling tired after only walking a short distance.

Benefits of vascular rehab include improved walking and quality of life, restored movement, and reduced risk factors that could make the condition worse.


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