General Questions

Where do I wait before my dialysis treatment?

For safety reasons, we ask that you remain in the waiting area until called by our staff. This assures everyone’s safety while we care for other patients. When the nursing staff is ready, you will be invited to enter the treatment area.

Can anyone accompany me during my dialysis treatment?

Visitors (12 years of age and older) may sit with you during your treatment. Social support is an important element of your care and well-being. Patients are allowed one visitor at a time. Visitors are asked to remain in the waiting area until all patients within a pod are prepared for treatment, and will be asked to leave the pod before any patient is removed from their dialysis machine.

May I have food and beverages during treatment?

For your safety, we do not recommend you eat or drink during your dialysis treatment. One cup of ice will be distributed after all patients have been stabilized on their machines. Food brought in for special occasions can be set up in the waiting/reception area.

Are shoes required in the unit?

Shoes must be worn to and from the scale in the dialysis unit to ensure you are protected from broken glass, debris, or spills that could potentially be on the floors.

Do the pods include televisions?

An individual television is provided for your entertainment while you are on dialysis.

Does the unit close during inclement weather?

The Hemodialysis Unit is always open during regularly scheduled hours, even in poor weather conditions. In these cases treatment times may need to be altered.

Does Lancaster General Hospital have an inpatient renal dialysis unit?

Yes. The hospital’s dialysis unit is located on the 1st floor on the Lime Street side of the building.

Parking is available in the James Street garage. Wheelchairs are available at the entrance. If you are coming in alone, remember that there is a hospital phone right by the door. You may use this phone to dial our extension, 44910, for assistance into the unit.

You will receive a ticket when you enter the parking lot. Please bring this ticket to the unit, where we will provide a stamp to ensure free parking.

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