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Our team of experts at the Orthopedic Center is focused on your success, providing exceptional care throughout each stage of your procedure. 

Before Surgery

We help you prepare for surgery and connect you with helpful exercises and educational resources. A team completely dedicated to orthopedics reviews your medical history, medications, and any needed tests to make sure you’re ready for surgery. We strongly encourage you to designate a coach—a family member or friend who will be available to provide hands-on assistance and moral support in the days following your surgery. If you are having joint replacement surgery, your coach is welcome to join you in attending all joint classes and physical therapy sessions.

Joint Replacement Class 

To help prepare you for your surgery, we welcome you and your coach to take our preoperative joint replacement education class. The classes will:  

  • Teach you what to expect before, during, and after surgery
  • Ease your worries and anxiety
  • Review how to manage your pain
  • Teach you how to prevent problems after surgery
  • Review the role of therapy as you heal
  • Lay out a plan for going home and talk about equipment and home-safety needs 
  • Allow you to ask questions

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 safety measures, our in-person joint replacement classes may not be available. Information from the class will be provided electronically to patients as an alternative. Please talk to one of our Orthopedic Center nurse navigators or your surgeon for current status of classes. 

During Surgery

On the day of your surgery, patients are to park in the James Street Parking Garage and proceed to the second floor, where the Orthopedic Center and family waiting area are located. Please talk to one of our Orthopedic Center nurse navigators for more details about getting to the Orthopedic Center. 

Your family may wait in our comfortable waiting area or join you in your private pre-operative bay, where you meet the team members who will care for you.

After Surgery

Recovery and rehabilitation begin right after surgery, for both inpatient and outpatient (same-day) surgeries. Our dedicated orthopedic nursing unit includes private rooms and an orthopedic therapy gym. Our nurses specialize in orthopedic and joint replacement care and they strive to minimize any pain and help you meet your mobility goals.

All rooms on the orthopedic floor are private, with in-room showers. A dedicated orthopedic therapy gym is staffed by occupational and physical therapists who will help you regain your mobility and practice activities of daily living, such as climbing stairs and getting dressed. We even encourage you to wear street clothes during your recovery.

Complimentary Holistic Treatments for Pain and Recovery 

To help you through the recovery process after having surgery, we offer holistic treatments to ease any pain you may have while you are in the hospital. We are committed to using safe and appropriate methods for pain management, which may include: 

  • Aromatherapy using essential oils
  • Elevation
  • Ice
  • Massage therapy
  • Reiki
  • Therapeutic music
  • Visualization exercises
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