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For older adults with osteoporosis, a broken hip can be a life-changing event that often leads to loss of independence and other serious consequences.

The Geriatric Fracture Program at Lancaster General Health is an internationally recognized leader in geriatric fracture services. Our program focuses on hip fracture, the most common—and potentially most debilitating—bone fracture in older adults with osteoporosis. 

When a person experiences a fracture due to osteoporosis bone loss, it is important to quickly provide coordinated care among orthopedic surgeons and hospital staff; and after discharge, with rehabilitation facilities. The process is designed to get patients through surgery and recovery as efficiently as possible, reducing complications and getting them on their feet, as movement helps the healing process. 

Our program became the 13th in the world and 11th in U.S. to achieve Premier Certification from the International Geriatric Fracture Society—the highest possible level for geriatric fracture care programs.

After a Fracture: Geriatric Fracture Liaison Service

Once a patient experiences a fracture, they have a high risk for additional fractures. To help osteoporosis patients successfully manage their condition long term, our liaison service meets with patients in the hospital and at outpatient visits to assist with their ongoing care. The liaisons provide fall prevention training, coordinate rehabilitation and therapy needs, and help schedule appointments with specialists and other medical providers. They often enroll patients in our Osteoporosis Clinic for structured follow-up care for patients who need a higher level of assistance. 

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