Our Fibromyalgia program offers a variety of tools to help manage this complex condition, reducing the chronic pain, stiffness and muscle tenderness that can impact day-to-day living.

Our specially trained clinicians and therapists evaluate the scope of the disorder. Drawing on the latest research and techniques, they tailor a comprehensive, personalized plan of care. Depending on what your physician’s orders, your treatment team may include:

  • Fibromyalgia nurse to help you manage your condition through diet, exercise, relaxation training and other lifestyle changes, and offer referrals to community resources
  • Physical therapist to evaluate and extend range of motion, teach pain management and manual therapy techniques, and provide exercises to help enhance tolerance
  • Occupational therapist to increase level of function in activities of daily living through better body mechanics, pacing and time management, as well as adaptive equipment
  • Neuropsychologist to assess your emotional well-being and coping style, offer individual therapy to improve behavioral management, and refer to appropriate resources to address significant emotional distress

If you already have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, your primary care physician can refer you for assessment and treatment by our team.