Our programs and services for women include primary and specialty care across a full spectrum of medical specialties as well as obstetric and gynecologic services for women at all stages of reproductive health, from adolescence to post-menopause.

We offer preventive care services, screenings and diagnostics, routine wellness visits, and advanced treatments for complex conditions, delivered by providers who understand the physical, mental and emotional aspects of health and wellness that are unique to women.

Women’s health services are conveniently offered at LG Health locations throughout the region, including our signature facilities for women, Women & Babies Hospital and the Women’s Specialty Center, both located on the campus of our Suburban Pavilion.

Multidisciplinary Care

Our Women's Health program includes medical services across a variety of specialties, delivered by a team that understands how a woman's needs change throughout her life. 

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In This Section...


Our reproductive medicine and fertility team provides personalized, compassionate care backed by the experience and expertise of Penn Medicine.

Gynecologic Oncology

We believe the key to successful female reproductive cancer treatment is a strong and focused professional team, tailored to your needs.

Holistic Therapies

We offer holistic therapies like massage and acupuncture to support your everyday health and help you achieve a more balanced state of wellness.

Menopause Services

To help you through the physical and emotional challenges of menopause, our certified menopause educator is here to answer all your personal questions.


We offer resources to help maintain bone health and diagnose and treat osteoporosis, including DXA scans, Sahara heel scans, and physical therapy.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

From rejuvenating procedures to reconstructive surgeries, our plastic and cosmetic surgeons can help you achieve safe and natural-looking outcomes.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

We provide comprehensive care throughout your pregnancy, so you can make healthy choices for you and your baby

Surgical Services

We offer both inpatient and outpatient surgery, including minimally invasive and robotic procedures, to address a variety of gynecologic conditions.

Rehabilitation Services

Our experienced and compassionate physical therapists provide personalized care to help women manage pelvic floor disorders, lymphedema and more.


Offering the latest treatments for female pelvic floor disorders like urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse

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