The physical and emotional changes women experience during menopause can be confusing and challenging. We offer a variety of resources to help you understand and manage your symptoms, beginning with an extensive network of primary care providers, as well as LG Health Physicians for Women, a practice specializing in obstetrics/gynecology.

LG Health Hub

The LG Health Hub is a reliable source of information about menopause. From symptom management to understanding the health effects of menopause, our experts help guide women through this time of change.

Ask Rose

Have a question or concern about menopause? Our certified menopause educator and program coordinator is available to answer your personal questions.

Rosemary Search, RN, BSN, CME, a certified menopause educator. She leads individual and group sessions to educate women about menopause symptoms and treatment and connect them with appropriate community resources. Submit a question to Ask Rose. Rose will respond to your question within a few days.

Additional Resources

Learn more about the symptoms and management of menopause:

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