Our Diabetes and Nutrition Center offers a wide range of resources for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and gestational (pregnancy) diabetes, including group classes and individual consultations with a nurse or registered dietitian.

Diabetes is a lifelong disease affecting children and adults. With the proper education, you can prevent serious long-term health problems and live a healthy, active life. Our nurses and dietitians offer a variety of educational opportunities for people with diabetes and those at risk for developing the disease.

Our Services

Individual Diabetes Nurse Consultations: Education on injectable diabetes medication, glucose monitoring and diabetes self-care.

Individual Diabetes Nutrition Consultations: Information on carbohydrate counting, insulin pump use, and weight management.

Group Diabetes Education Class: Nationally, recognized, four-session program (10 hours of education) covering all aspects of diabetes care.

Gestational Diabetes Individual or Group Education: Education by a registered nurse and registered dietitian for pregnant women who develop diabetes during pregnancy.

Pre-diabetes Group Class: Two sessions (four hours total education) focusing on lifestyle changes, healthy eating, and exercise for people diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

Individual Nutrition Consultations: In addition to diabetes-related education, the Diabetes & Nutrition Centers offers individual nutritional consultations to help people manage other medical conditions and promote healthier living.

Scheduling Your Consultation

Most major medical insurances and HMOs cover nutrition and/or diabetes consultations. A physician’s referral may be necessary for reimbursement. 

Classes are available at all of our locations. Please contact us for more information or to schedule at appointment: 717-544-5923.

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